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World War II – German Resistance – Valkyrie Plot
Teacher’s Supplement, Guide and Lesson Aid

Available for download as a .pdf file, this supplement is designed to assist teachers of history and civilization courses, at the high school and college level, as they work with the material in Helena Schrader’s novel An Obsolete Honor (Kindle Edition: Hitler's Demons).  It is especially appropriate for courses dealing with World War II and the resistance within Germany to Nazism culminating in the Valkyrie Plot.  It gives teachers a clear picture of the events and issues covered in the novel, and it includes questions to get students actively thinking and talking about these events and issues.  Suggested theme assignments enable students to engage themselves further with these issues through research, discussion, and writing.  Detailed chapter-by-chapter questions help students retain and review knowledge from each chapter.

The Teaching Guide Includes:

Summary of the Novel 
General Questions for Thought and Discussion 
Chapter-by-Chapter Recall Questions 
Suggested Theme Assignments 
References for Further Study 

Sample Discussion Questions:
  • What challenges are posed by the presence of different ethnic and/or racial groups within a nation?
  • How are civil liberties within a country treated differently during wartime, and why?  What are the advantages of setting limits on civil liberties, and what are the dangers?
  • What happens when political leadership sets rules governing the practice of religion?  When might this be necessary?  What are the dangers?
  • How does the role of women in a society affect that society?  What happens when a government imposes changes on the role of women?
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