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Words and expressions used in this web site and books.

 - - Abitur Equivalent of a High School
AOK Armee Oberkommando Army Command
AK Armeekorps Corps Command
BDM Bund Deutscher Mädel League of German Girls
d.G. der Generalstab German General Staff Officer (member of the trained elite corps)
 - - Ersatz Coffee substitute
 - - Einsatzgruppen/Einsatzkommandos SS-Special Forces deployed behind the front lines to exterminate Jews and Gypsies.
 - - Frauenschaft National Socialist Womens Organisation
 - - Freifrau/Freiin Baroness
 - - Freiherr Baron
 - - Freikorps Military units formed to fight the German revolutionaries in 1918-1920, after the Army itself had largely disintegrated after the defeat in WWI.
 - - Freisler Storch Small, light aircraft with short take-off and landing runs, making it an ideal aircraft for the transport of VIPs.
FüHQ Führer Hauptquartier Hitler's Headquarters
 - - Gauleiter Regional Party Official
Gestapo Geheime Staatspolizei Secret State Police
 - - Graf   Count
 - - Gräfin Countess
HJ Hitler Jugend Hitler Youth
ID Infantrie Division Infantry Division
i.G. im Generalstab Officer serving in a staff position
IR Infantrie-Regiment Infantry Regiment 
KPD Kommunistischer Partei Deutschland German Communist Party
KZ Konzentrationslager Concentration Camp
 - - Kreishauptleute Occupied Poland was divided into Districts (Distrikte), each headed by a Governor (Gouverneur), which were divided into rural regions (Kreise)  headed by a Kreishauptman. These were usually simultaneously the local party leader or "Standortführer" for their region.
 - - Kreisleiter Local Party Official
 - - Kübelwagen VW car, frequenly used as a staff car.
NKFD National Kommittee Freies Deutschland Organisation of German POWs in the Soviet Union
NS Nationalsozialistisch(e/er) Nazi (adjuctive)
NSDAP Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei Nazi Party (subjective)
MG Maschinengewehr Machine gun
OB Oberbefehshaber Commanding Officer/CO
OKH Oberkommando des Heeres Army High Command
OKW Oberkommando der Wehrmacht Armed Forces High Command
Ord.O Ordonnanzoffizier Aide de Camps – ADC
 - - Polizeipräsident Chief of Police
PzD Panzerdivision Armoured Division
RAD Reichsarbeitsdienst Labour Service
RB Reichsbahn National Railway
 - - Reich The German Empire, common term for Germany at the time.
 - - Reichskanzler Chancellor/Head of Government
 - - Reichstag German Parliament/the building in which it met
 - - Reichswehr 100,000 man army allowed by the Treaty of Versailles; politically neutral, and highly trained.
 - - Reichswehrminister/um Minister/Ministry of Defence
 - - Staffelkapitän Squadron Leader
SA Sturmabteilung SA - "Brown Shirts"
 - - Sekt German champagne
SD Seicherheitsdienst Secret Police of the SS
SPD Sozialistische Partei Deutschland Social (Democratic) Party, the Majority Socialists
SS Schützstaffel SS
 - - Truppenamt Disguised General Staff during Weimar
USDP Unabhänigige Sozialistische Partei Deutsch. Independent Socialist Party
 - - Waffen-SS SS units engaged in military operations rather than racial policies and police work.
WK Wehrkreis Military District
 - - Wehrmacht Armed Forces, the expanded military forces of Germany after the Treaty of Versailles was abrogated by Hitler.

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