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Douglas O. Watson |
It's absolutely interested in Valkyrie's history, we were learning all those history and explain to our family and friends. We would love to have his photos. Extremely interestable.
19 June 2011 - United States of America

Rob |
Congratulations on an informative and inquisitive website, providing a glimpse into the dark dictatorial world of Hitler and the SS. How the world could have been changed if Valkyrie had succeeded?
12 March 2011 - Australia

Helped for a project thanks.
8 March 2011 - Dallas, TX

Very informative. Thanks
22 February 2011 - Berlin

Garry |
Your comparitive rank structures are a bit inconsistent. The officer ranks of the British Army are identical to the US Army (both have a Brigadier General rank). The five star rank is Field Marshall in the British Army and General of the Army in the US.
27 November 2010 - UK

Webmaster comments   Garry,
I'll check again with my sources.

audrey blankenship |
would like a copy of General Friedrich Olbricht biography
27 October 2010 - grottoes,va

Webmaster comments   "Codename Valkyrie: General Olbricht and the Plot Against Hitler" is available for sale directly from any online retailer or can be ordered from your local bookshop. Helena P. Schrader

Katharine Desormiere |
I am writing on this website because ever since watching to movie on Valkyrie I have done a lot of research on this subject. I am absolutely fascinated by this time period, on a psychological aspect as well as political.
As a political scientist we have to take a class in comparative politics and we had to watch the Nazi propaganda and dissect it. It was fascinating and incredibly disturbing.
It was so disturbing that I would get a a knot in my stomach that i felt came all the way to my throat, as if i could no longer breathe.
Having visited Auschitz (spelling) in Poland it is really revealing to the atrocities of the time period. And even that is only a a drop in massive ocean of tyranny and fear that the Nazi propagated through Europe and the world.

I believe that it is so crucial that this part of the war be more studied and explained. In the US we speak and learn too much about the terrible Nazi and the glory of the United States in the war. We should teach them there were people in the SS army in germany who were against Hitler and his final solution.
16 November 2009 - Madagascar

Webmaster comments   Katherine,
Thank you for your thoughtful comment. It is indeed very important to study this period so we appreciate both the depths of human depravity - but also gain inspiration from those with the moral courage to resist tyranny. The psychology of the period is indeed fascinating, because ultimately most people in Nazi Germany were just ordinary people, they were not born particularly evil, and yet they allowed themselves to be misused, warped and misdirected, effectively "brain-washed" for a period. It was only those with real independence of thought and strong character who did not get swept up in the euphoria of early victories. I think given your interest in the psychological aspects of the period, you would really enjoy my novel "An Obsolete Honor" because this novel explores the emotional strains and motives of people living in Nazi Germany. It is based on hundreds of interviews and although the characters are fictional, the events, behavor and feelings described are based on true stories. Helena

Lisa Goff |
Helena I am trying to contact you and can't get through any other way. please contact me because it would be nice to hear from you after all this time. I hope you remember me! We met on the Malcolm Miller and you always called me "Jenkins!"
2 September 2009 - Ireland

Dave |
Like other people in this guest book I was drawn to this site after watching the Bryan Singer movie. I often wonder with this type of film where fact ends and fiction takes over, and so I found this site very informative. For instance, I didn't realise that so many people had been executed for their involvment in the resistance, indeed, I had never known of the German Resistance until recently when my wife and I visited Berlin. Next time we go will seek out their memorial.
24 August 2009 - United Kingdom

Gene Frice |
Thank you for your dedication and professionalism in producing your most important work. I am most interested in the history of Valkyre, even tho it was a failure and brought additional deaths to the ghastly toll of the war.
My interest also stems from my military service. during that time. I was a WWII parachutist with the 82nd Airborne Division and ultimately served in Berlin during the 1945 occupation-I was a witness to the storied "mans inhumanity to man." Today, as an American Doctoral Student, I related very closely to incidents such as above. I reside (however briefly), in Berlin, as we speak-tomorrow (20 July 09) if there is to be another page added to history-I will be there.
19 July 2009 - USA

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